Bo Huang, PhD
Principal Investigator
[email protected] · @bohuanglab · Google Scholar: Bo Huang · Bo Huang CV short · Bo Huang CV full


Rasmi C. K., PhD
Postdoc (November 2019)
PhD, Indian Institute of Science
[email protected]

Rasmi is a microscopist, interested in building microscopes for biological applications. Currently she is building an epi-illumination light sheet microscope for fast volumetric imaging of cell lines in a parallel fashion over a cell cycle.


Daniel Foyt
Bioengineering Graduate Student (June 2020)
BE, Hofstra University
[email protected]

Daniel is developing in situ hybridization-based methods to study the transcriptome of single cells at scale.


Klaus Yserentant, PhD
Postdoc (April 2021)
PhD, Heidelberg University, Germany
[email protected]

Klaus is investigating how phase condensates of oncogenic kinase mutants activate cancer cell signaling.


Augusto Berrocal, PhD
Postdoc (September 2021)
PhD, UC Berkeley
[email protected] · @guberrocal

Augusto is studying the role of phase condensates in gene regulation and cell differentiation.


Kibeom Hong, PhD
Postdoc (September 2022)
PhD, KAIST, Korea
[email protected]

Kibeom is developing new tools to regulate protein phase condensates in the nucleus.


Yiming (Kimmy) Kuang
Staff Research Associate (November 2022)
BS, UC Berkeley
[email protected]

Kimmy is our lab manager and also helps with gene editing.

Robert Picardo
Robert Picardo
Student Intern (June 2023)
UC Berkeley

Tianhong (Tim) Wang
Jr. Specialist (September 2023)
BS, UC Irvine
[email protected]

Kevin Lu

Kevin Lu
Assistant Professor, Pathology (October 2023)
MD, PhD, University of Michigan
[email protected], @KevinLuMDPhD