Watching the inner life of a cell

Cellular processes are orchestrated by a large number of biomolecules in a spatially and temporally coordinated manner within a tiny volume. To uncover the underlying organizational principles and their functional relevance, we take microscopy visualization as the primary approach to systematically map the spatial localization, temporal dynamics and activity profiles of proteins and nucleic acids.


We are particularly interested in the following problems:

In order to study these systems, we are developing the following microscopy technologies:


Research updates

expansion microscopy
and its applications
J. Cell Biol.
J. Cell Biol.
Sci. Adv.
CryoEM for
endogenous complexes
Oncogenic signaling
from kinase granules
Image denoising by
transfer learning

Lab updates...

We welcome postdoc applicants and new graduate students:
Please email your CV to and arrange to send three letters of reference if you are interested in becoming a postdoc in the lab.
For perspective graduate students, you may apply to the Tetrad graduate program, Biophysics graduate program, Chemistry and Chemical Biology graduate program, or the UC Berkeley-UCSF joint program in Bioengineering.